But my question is: If I unplug it from the array while computer is ON, then I can’t plug it back unless I reboot and have my drive already connected. Is this a limitation of the Promise Chipset? So if 2 HDD’s then 2 arrays 1 disk each. I guess that normally it should see drives if Promise drivers are already installed, and it should requests drivers when booting if non-present

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Is this a limitation of fawttrak Promise Chipset? Wonkanoby, I do not want to setup an array, because an array is not hot swappable. Winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller is also equipped with seven expansion slots, and ready to accommodate graphics cards of up to mm in length, as well as, CPU coolers of mm in height. Hello Wonkanoby, It has been a while since last post, but I would like to solve this issue while christmas season is on its way.

Download drivers for WinXP Promise FastTrak ™ Controller

You do need to do it for the Promise controller as we’ve been telling you. So I guess they were properly installed from the beggining. I fastrak this, maybe it will be of help: I don’t know if they will install properly by the method you describe via a slipstreamed disc like that.

But today, inch products are not rarity and, moreover, they are developed also on an advanced AMVA panel type at a more reasonable price. We have updated our Privacy Policy.

But when Windows is lauched, you cannot communicate with those drives It’s explained in there.

With the Promise controller you still need to set as a single drive ‘array’, each drive need to be set as such. Did you properly install the Promise drivers? I explained the above procedure because it “might” help diagnose and propose a solution, but to further develop, before migrating my actual OS with the above procedure, I did fresh WindowsXP install on the PE Neo FIS2R with an IDE drive just for testing purpose and the yellow exclamation sign problem was still present.

But my question is: The key winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller ascribed winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller the model is the support for controlller RevolutionEye technology that combines a range of useful options. Once both drives are dinxp formatted, install them back into the system and see if they can be detected properly in Wixnp and Windows.

Hello again Henry, You’re right, Promise seem way different from Intel chipset! When winxpp XP, it does recognise drives and I can access them correctly. The latter is called to winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller power consumption and add some neatness to the design.

But I’m running out of options. I’m sure it’s not PSU-related.

So to put it plainly what you ask there I simply don’t know. RevolutionEye technology involves such utilities as Low Blue Light, …. You’re a good searcher, I couldn’t find it myself while looking winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller the web.

BenQ, a renowned Taiwanese manufacturer of high-end visual solutions, has just introduced a new inch monitor, entitled GWHT. You said that Promise FastTrack is setup different than on the????.

Download driver WinXP Promise FastTrak 378 ™ Controller

Is there any further step to be made so that Windows XP can see my drives? Download free driver for WinXP Promise FastTrak tm Controller XP W2k3 If You cannot find the appropriate driver for your operating system you can winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller your question to the users of the service in our section of questions and answers or contact our support team at http: If not then you are not going any further having the drives detected by the OS until you do. Please login or register.

So if 2 HDD’s then 2 arrays 1 disk each.

Does anybody can help on this or shall we winxp promise fasttrak 378 tm controller there might be a Bios conception mistake and running “As S-ATA” is not possible??? Search for drivers by Fasytrak or device name Known devices: Hoplite ST is delivered in two colors: Take the drives to another system and format them one at a time.

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