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I have a hp pavilion zv, and I am having a problem with the lcd display. If the external video is fine then most likely your problem is somewhere inside the display assembly. Try reseating the memory module, move it from one slot to another. One of my users has an Inspiron that is used mainly with an external monitor. No image on the LCD at all? I connected the laptop to an external monitor and it showed the same thing. You can use any of them flickr.

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I toshiba satellite psm42u a hp pavilion zv, and I am having a problem with the lcd display. When the laptop is first booted the LCD screen has nothing but vertical lines. This requires you to open the keyboard and some selective pressure to find out what works.

But after min.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

toshiba satellite psm42u My laptop screen is exactly as described in example 7. Yesterday the line was gray and this morning it was working fine. In that moment, the laptop still works because the image for example a screen saver stiil shows on the external display.

The computer is slightly over a year old. I hope you understand my explanation.

Sometimes it does when I turn the laptop on after immediate prior use, but not the first time in the day. Did you test your laptop with an external monitor?

Also, when I hold the laptop and apply pressure to the underside of the laptop near the fan and VGA toshiba satellite psm42u, the lines dissappear but the system remains frozen if already frozen. Stacy French, Where are a lot of free websites for sharing your photos. After getting the laptop I found it difficult to test the hardware as there were many important files missing in Windows XP and it would toshiba satellite psm42u run properly.

Also, if I reboot it starts to work again for awhile. Would you try to replace the backlight or would you try to replace the inverter toshiba satellite psm42u with a new board?

Is the problem very common with M55s? Hey thanks for your reply.

Can you give me any ideas of where to look for a replacement LCD if that is the problem? It could be a major issue with the LCD screen or with the video card. I hooked up an external monitor and the external toshiba satellite psm42u works perfectly fine. What could be wrong? First of all, I would check if the video cable on the back of the LCD screen makes a good connection with the screen.

Do you see the same dotted grid of blue lines on the external monitor or they appear only on the internal LCD toshiba satellite psm42u First of all, test the laptop with an external monitor attached. I plan to ad more examples as soon as I get new pictures. Hello My question is I have a toshiba satellite laptop.

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I am told this is due to a poor connection on the ribbon cable that attaches to the actual screen — it is fixable either with a new connector, new cable, or messing around with the connections on the cable. Not likely, but possible. I have updated bios,drivers,reformatted the hard drive and toshiba satellite psm42u windows. It looks like you have a black background with a few vertical lines, correct? Could the video card do this? If one part of the screen is perfectly fine and the toshibba part is not, most likely this problem is not related to the video cable.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! If for some reason you cannot start this test you mentioned that the laptop gets toshiba satellite psm42u in BIOSyou can remove the hard drive from the laptop and install it into an external USB enclosure.

My ATI card comes with a configurable control panel which allows one to add new monitor modes and associate them to toshiba satellite psm42u selectable short-cut key sequence. I think you were right, probably just a loose cable satellkte the connection to the LCD itself does not feel that secure.

Because if it was the mother board, why would it even turn on. It might be just a loose connection. The problem was fixed after I carefully straightened the pins. Well it is simply toshiba satellite psm42u did you get your inverter? I get the same pix as originally stated even when running on AC adapter with battery removed. Thanks CJ, I wish I had found this page before I ordered an invertor board for the grey screen with lines going through it problem. Sandy, Sounds like a problem with the LCD screen.

For one, it was never dim or pinkish and the flickering was fairly bright. You can try reconnecting the video cable on the motherboard or video card and see if it helps. I deleted the video drivers, then reinstalled. I toshiba satellite psm42u using an external monitor whenever possible but that toshiba satellite psm42u of defeats the point of a laptop. Is this switch bad or is there a problem with the backlight or FL inverter?

If you have two RAM modules installed remove them one by one and test the laptop with each one. Hi staellite great site. I have one horizontal line across the screen…white colour…. How do you diagonize whether it is the lcd screen tosgiba the digitizer that has gone? I think that this example is very typical.

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