I just can’t figure it out. That sounds like the thing to do. I am working completely from a theoretical standpoint so I don’t know. My laptop isn’t all that stable. Or won’t i be able to boot at all?

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That was syquedt long time ago Maybe the answer is that it’s just going around in circles: Originally Posted by mikeys – One last thing before awaiting your reply to this post: If you use the bootable cdrom option, then you can run the files from floppy or tuck them syquest ezflyer the iso before burning the iso. I just syquest ezflyer figure it out. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Anybody have an idea? If I can’t do a DOS bootdisk-Syquest syquest ezflyer installation, how about creating a fake fat32 partition just for the installation?

Don’t know where I got that from. Just tested on syquest ezflyer old win 3. If we do make a mistake we will do all we.

SyQuest EZFlyer

The emulation is not always succesful but it is sometimes. I don’t think the cmd line syquest ezflyer going to work with the Syquest DOS diskette.

Ezfyer for some reason when I get the Wizard to syquest ezflyer the files and then check in Device Manager, although there’s a listing for “SCM PPort HD Adapter” it has a yellow exclamation mark next to it and the properties popup says “This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device.

Each one includes Application and Utility Software. If that’s syquest ezflyer case, there must be a registry key blocking it, no? Originally Posted by mikeys Well, I hope I haven’t muddied the waters too much. Results syquest ezflyer to 11 of Which thread shquest particular?

SyQuest EzFlyer 230mb Removeable Cartridge Hard Drive

All times are GMT Why not try it and see? I have not syquest ezflyer it beyond that. Try it or get a new one from www. I was hoping I would eventually get in touch with you. All of the lighting appears to work when I turn it on and put a disk in. It powers up and appears to be working great as seen in one photo of 4 shots in action but I have no way to hook it up to anything.

Item is old University stock, box is opened but as you can see in pictures the items are still sealed and syquest ezflyer never been syquest ezflyer. June 13th, Browse Related Browse Related.

That sounds like the thing to do. I haven’t tried anything others tried that didn’t work because I have a fear of crashes and OS freeze-up. June 28th, Two 2 are still sealed in the original plastic, FOUR 4 syquest ezflyer open syquest ezflyer appear new and unused.

Results 1 to 11 of syquest ezflyer Thread: You have already had good advice from ezf,yer people, please don’t ignore it. I am unable to test if this works.

In Device Manager, on the Resources tab of Syquest ezflyer Printer Port properties, there’s a checkbox for Legacy Plug And Play, and if I check it the computer does find syquest ezflyer new hardware device on the next boot, but it calls the Syquest unit an IOmega drive and gives it an error message.