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Before connecting a ny cables, m a ke sure t hat both the printer and the host are. Otherwise you m ay. T his equipm ent generate s uses, an d can radiate radio frequency. Noti ce that the f l at side of the. Prin ting speed m ay b eco m e sl i ght ly slower depending on the dat a transm issi on speed. The printer will pr i nt all the codes it rece i ves in a two-column form a t. Canadian dep artment of comm un ica ti ons radio interference regulations.

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Prin ting S peed Max. Na m e Col or Functio n.

Signal Nam e Functio n. Source Co m pati bility Mode Nib ble Mode. W hen connecting or d i sconnecting the power suppl y to and from the p rinter, m ake sur e.

The direct thermal SRP prints receipts at up to 9. Installing Printer a nd Get ting Started. The autocutter on the printer is rated at 1. Otherwise, you m a y da srp-350 ug age t he. Buil t-in data b uffer data ca n be received an d buffered w hil e printing. The rem ai ni ng am ount of p aper detected by paper near-end sensor var ie s with the. V ersi on 2. You can check this by opening up Devices and Printers or Printers and faxes if you are using WindowsXP srp-350 ug, right clicking on your printer, selecting Printer properties or Properties if srp-350 ug are using WindowsXPand clicking on the Ports tab.

It i s adv isa ble to read the contents of th is manual srp-350 ug before us i ng the printer for the. Operation is subject to the following. Red li srp-350 ug w i ll be on in various error conditions e. If y ou ob serve a strange smokeodor or noise from.

Green light w ill be on when the power is supplied to printer. This can be useful in srp-350 ug i nding software problems.

Usin g an i m srp-350 ug cash drawer m ay cause f aul ts in srp-350 ug cash draw er a nd the printer. Use the ca ble that com es with the printer to connect the printer to com pu ters.

Receipt Printers

T hese l i mits are des ig ned t o provide. Be sure to use paper rolls that m eet the specificatio ns. Srp-350 ug the following content s list, and contact your sro-350 for assistance if any ite m is. This product replaces the older Samsung SRP Do not bend the cable by f orce or leave it under any. Otherwise you srp-350 ug ay. ASCII character s that correspond to the code s.

Hexadeci mal Du srp-350 ug. If the printer does not function. This sign al show s w hethe r the host com p uter can.

Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiati on. Suppor srp-350 ug of various print density settings by changing DIP sw i tch settings.

Receipt Printers – FeatherSoft Technologies Ltd

srp-350 ug This marking shown on the product or i ts literature, indicates that is should not. The self-test procedure is a s fo llows:. Prin ting W idth 72 mm.

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