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I need to replace the DC jack in mine which is broken it seems to be very common problem with these. If moving the cable affects video on the screen, it could be bad cable. Do not remove watermarks from images. I can observe that the back side of my laptop is very hot when it tuned off. Could anyone suggest me what might be wrong with the laptop?

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If the test backligth lights up, you have a faulty backlight lamp inside your screen.

Try replacing the keyboard first and if you still experience the same problem, apparently there is a problem with the keyboard controller. Purchase the DC Jack you need, repair your laptop, or whatever device your working on, yourself sony vgn fw11e save hundreds of dollars. O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users. Do you sony vgn fw11e a procedure for replacing the fan in the SZ series.

If the search function, to the right, does not sony vgn fw11e any results please click HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number. Do you know where I get the disassemble tutorial step by step for FWF model? This laptop sony vgn fw11e pretty old now, is it even worth replacing?

Post your e-mail up here and we can talk. Thank You Very Much!!! It works like that for me. Never Go Sony November 6, I got my Sony laptop blown up last night due to incorrect adapter.

Sony Schematics – Laptop Schematic

Thanks for the step by step instruction. It situated and dropped in a way that the laptop was closed, standing up, hinged-side of the laptop was on the bottom and it dropped right in the middle of a platform about 6-in wide side of my car. My boss, an eye doctor, just bought a Sony vgn fw11e Vaio Z and wants me to get some of the programs that we use on all the other computers in the office installed to his laptop… well, I am unable to get sony vgn fw11e installed. Cybernetics May 5, I know I need a new screen.

Joe Logan December 4, Recently, backlight on SZ2XP suddenly died, when connected to an external monitor everything works fine and if you look at the screen closely with a lamp, everything is there. Remove the screen bezel. The display sony vgn fw11e routed though osny left hinges. On f11e following picture the connector is shown in the unlocked position. Raf October 26, Make sure the wireless switch positioned correctly.

Also, do you have a lid sony vgn fw11e switch on your laptop? Cara October 20, The laptop currently has 1. I was looking through your guide and it is really great, but it seems like my laptop is a little different from the one in the picture above. For use with 65 sony vgn fw11e 3. E Emachines E Series: Mine does not have this. I am using Sony VGN-SZ model laptop and my problem is my laptop is turning off automatically all though the charging is full enough to run.

Should I replace the LCD screen cable? Minnie May 30, External speakers and headphones are working properly song connecting them in it.

You will need to reuse your harness. The PSP26U models above can also use the 2. The webcam is a separate module mounted above the LCD screen. Support by Sony vgn fw11e Mobile App Never miss an update again! The video cable connected directly to the screen.

Follow the harness which is coming from the display panel. However, the new screen has ONE wire set that comes out to go to the inverter.

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It did sony vgn fw11e like that. To get the full experience on Sony. In my laptop the part of the chassis where DC jack is mounted broke off of the main frame. Make sure the laptop is getting power from the wall.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

Look in the laptop device manager. Thank you so much for posting sony vgn fw11e links, my Sony vgn fw11e has something wrong with its Wifi switch so no bluetooth or osny unless i keep my finger pressed against the switch! I need a service manual. Your description sounds like a problem with the LCD screen. RoninDave April 26, Federico Mexico City June 10, In order to replace the screen, you simply unplug the video cable from the screen and replace it with a new one.

The windows Chime and the Logged in sound.

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