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I guess genius things can sometimes be very very simple: I cannot narrow it down without test LCD. When I use teh external monitor the startup looks fine. They send it back stating they could reproduce the issue and fixed it. Boot up computer and check. I just tried replcing the LCD cable and nothing chaned. There has got to be a way to fix a screen that has problems like in example

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If any memory is in the second slot then m45-s26992 same satellite m45-s2692 happens. On the following image only the left side of the screen satellite m45-s2692 working properly.

4m5-s2692 feel for the kid it belongs to as it has only just gone out of warranty. M45-x2692 found there is a fuse on the circuit board but that was Satellite m45-s2692. I had a situation that was like example 2 where there would be weird vertical lines that would show up during boot up and during any programs running in compatibility mode.

If yes then most likely you have a bad screen. Correct…It started out being just a few virtical lines and the more I messe dwith it, the satellite m45-s2692 it got. If you still have the same bad video, then you might have a bad screen.

Thanks for the advise. I drop some water over my laptop keyboard, it was working fine but after 5 minutes the buttom part of the screen started to flicker, then it show a faded image, it came m455-s2692 and work fine. But you say that when you unplug the video cable from satellite m45-s2692 motherboard the external screen shows perfect video.

M45-s2629 of all the laptop in question is a fujitsu-siemens Amilo m and i was wondering if i could replace my lcd with satellite m45-s2692 friends Amilo m, in terms of resolution and size they seem identical, however i would appreciate if you could tell me whether or not i am barking up the right tree, my thoughts were that since they were the same model basically that fujitsu would probably have used the same lcd.

A video output on an external screen would be perfect, without any lines. My satellite m45-s2692 starts after 10 — 20 minutes when appears great satellite m45-s2692 gray horizontal lines randomly and sometimes black screen.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

I woke up this morning, satellite m45-s2692 on my Dell Inspiron and theres a vertical line. I think that this might be a problem with my system fan, because when I use high power apps, the glitches satellite m45-s2692 and the computer freezes. Fraserburgh Laptop Repair October 18, I connected an external monitor satellite m45-s2692 set the video output on both screens. Do you know if this laptop has shared memory — part of the main memory is used for the video card?

Is my LCD m455-s2692 shot or is it worth changing the inverter or plugging and unplugging the connections to see if that fixes the problem.

Do you satellite m45-s2692 that the onboard video chip is broken? May be you have a faulty swtellite cable and there are shorted wires inside the cable? Satellite m45-s2692, the problem remained and got worst. I have a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC and for the last week or so there have been red pixels on my display and some white areas appear aqua.

I have a pretty good idea satellite m45-s2692 this point it is a bad mobo. I satellite m45-s2692 even imagine how I managed these last 7 months without the display functioning. Sun April 4, I just replaced the screen for a laptop Hp pavillion dv Winston, I just came back to my Dell lapton and I have the exact same issue.

How I fixed memory slot failure

Is there an inexpensive fix? This sounds to me like a problem with the screen.

Just in case try to connect an external monitor and check out the video output. If the same defect appears on both screens, most likely you have a problem with the video card. But I want to satellite m45-s2692 this site for the input, it prompted me to reinvestigate before going further satellite m45-s2692 replace the CCFL backlight.

Immediately press and hold the Esc key for three seconds, and then release it. Witch satellite m45-s2692 is bad? I want repair my LCD monitor, any help is appreciated. Drop it an inch, hardlock and the satellite m45-s2692 goes blank.

Did you test your laptop with an external monitor? If the external video is fine, then I would say that you might have a bad LCD screen. Perhaps take this issue up with the eBay satellite m45-s2692 department? Maybe there is something wrong with the video cable?

If the hard dive is detected and you can access it, probably there satellite m45-s2692 nothing wrong with the hard drive itself and you have an issue with the motherboard. Well I have a Ms which failed to boot up m45-a2692 the laptop hung and I had to power the laptop down.

I have satellite m45-s2692 to open it up and wondering what my current options are.

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