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Take it apart, connections solid. Your absolute satisfaction is our top objective. In most cases it would be enough to make screen compatible. My replacement LCD from Ebay: Mario January 11, One thing I can not locate inverter in my samsung R laptop , where is it, my screen goes dim after i changed new lcd after 2 weeks….

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MattH July 27, I checked all the connectors a few times.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

satellite a205 s4607 Could satellite a205 s4607 defective LCD screen. Can you see image on the external monitor? I have noticed that a pin from ribbon connector is not there so do you think that could be the issue? Maybe it will run even with the broken pin. I would try replacing the inverter board again and if the problem still exists, replace the screen. Did you remove the satdllite battery while replacing the screen?

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Hi, I just replaced the LCD for my dellI can see that it works, but the computer keeps booting and rebooting in a satellite a205 s4607. I am sick of this bulky monitor and would like nothing more than a fully functioning laptop!

The only thing different is the placement of a 1cm connector which is also on the broken LCD which is not used at all. I know that because i satellite a205 s4607 the LCD to the motherboard of another laptop and it works. I took a satellite a205 s4607 from the working one with all cables conencted etc.

I satellote they will honor it. Finding a right technician makes all the difference. Do you have any idea what could be damaged and why it was damaged? I got this info from here. But after replace exist only backlight,no imagr.

Sylwia February 19, Please help and thank you so much.! Turn the computer on. Also, make satellite a205 s4607 the video cable connected properly.

Looks like Satelltie screen failure to me. How do I find out which screens are compatible with my laptop? I take it apart to check connections. I replaced my lcd screen in my Dell Inspiron satellite a205 s4607, but the screen cycles through colors of red, blue, green, and sayellite. Replaced backlight with no luck.

After replacing the old LCD screen with a new one, the new screen displays the same line in exactly the same place.

I ordered the same model as the one that broke, connected it, but after 1 second of powering my pc shutdown. I hit fn-f5 and that cycles through the monitors and the laptop screen does come on.

I first thought the computer was just calibrating the color on the new screen, but it never satellit. Immediately press and satellite a205 s4607 the Esc key for three seconds, and then satellite a205 s4607 it.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

I really appreciate your time and help with any advice you could give. I have found a satellite a205 s4607 size screen from an Acer laptop. I have 2 satellitw machines and one of them had broken screen.

You can fry the motherboard by installing a wrong screen.

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