The OSD control buttons are situated along the bottom edge of the screen underneath the silver trim. Again this was a positive change compared with mode 1. The panel swivels about 45 degrees left and right and tilts back about 25 degrees. Compare These Samsung CF To overcome this, Samsung introduced DCC-II technology later on, which improved all response times including the troublesome black to grey transition to under 8ms G2G. Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

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Measurements of the screens luminance were taken at 35 points across the panel on a pure white background.

It’s a 23in LCD display with a resolution of x pixels, which qualifies it as a ‘full HD’ display. The dimensions of the screen and stand are shown above. Graphics card settings were left at default with no ICC profile or calibration active. The panel itself actually uses a 6-bit colour depth with frame rate control Hi-FRC to produce the The default colour accuracy of the F was quite comparable to some of the 23″ IPS models we have tested, including the Dell UH 2.

Samsung SyncMaster F inch Widescreen LCD Review –

While the DCR worked on paper it was too fast and sudden and so I’m not sure how useable it really is. You must then press ‘source’ which will enter you into the menu and give you control over these options. There are no USB ports available either which is a shame as those can prove very useful in an office envorinment for connecting external devices like printers and cameras. These comparisons are based on a small selection of tests, so it should be remembered that other factors do come into play when you start talking about professional use.

The On Screen Display menu is concise, but the interface is a little awkward. It’s not perfect, but an improvement certainly. There was a pretty obvious off-centre contrast shift which is inherant to VA panel types. The display does not have a built in USB hub.

OSD menu showing the response time options. As a reminder, a series of pictures are taken on the highest shutter speed and compared.

Samsung SyncMaster F2380

Obviously this is a key selling point of this model for Samsung and we will test this feature later on. Perhaps this is a measure they have taken with these new cPVA panels to keep production costs down, it’s hard to know for sure.

The transitions are very fast using DCR though and so when viewing movies for instance, the brightness does appear to make sudden and quite drastic changes. I would like to make a point that for many people this won’t be an issue at all, and many may not even notice it. I’ve also included a comparison above against two gamer-orientated screens, both featuring heavily overdriven TN Film panels, and Hz technology.

The panel swivels about 45 degrees left and right and tilts back about 25 degrees. As usual we also tested the screen with an all black image and in a darkened room. Useful if you’re not getting a video signal, or need to see if the monitor is on standby. A great panel for colour management professionals or amateurs on a budget, but steer clear if you’re a Wide viewing angles thanks to cPVA panel technology meaning several people could view the screen at once comfortable and from a whole host of different angles.

Samsung SyncMaster F review: Samsung SyncMaster F – CNET

We recorded the screens luminance and black depth at various OSD samsug settings, and calculated the contrast ratio from there. If viewing angle and ergonomic options are important to you, the F is a great buy. You may note from the settings here that I have stuck with gamma mode 1 for the calibration procedure. Good panel uniformity and no backlight leakage could vary.

The pixel responsiveness of both of these is certainly ahead of the F as you will probably expect and the Hz frequency allows for improved fps frame rates and the support of 3D content as well. This seemed to make the image a little lighter and warmer compared with our calibrated synvmaster mode.

Black depth was very impressive across the whole range, being between 0. Your message has been sent.

The displays tested contrast ratio was 2,