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These include the popular Miniature and Fisheye effects found on more expensive compacts such as the Canon PowerShot SX IS , as well as charcoal-like “sketch” etching and film negative ape-ing modes. So for anyone on a tight budget wanting a portable, lightweight option come the summer holidays that will deliver decent snapshots with the minimum of fuss, this Samsung comes recommended. With the back of the camera meanwhile dominated by the clear and crisp standard ratio LCD screen in the predictable absence of any optical viewfinder, and menu and mode buttons already touched on, the other controls at the rear are a navigational control pad with central ‘OK’ button for selecting and effecting any functional changes. With a press of ‘FN’ a toolbar appears down the left hand side of the screen, Canon compact style. The final two control buttons on the back plate are a straightforward enough playback control to activate the review of captured images, plus the ‘Fn’ or ‘function’ button which in effect is a shortcut to key settings otherwise less obviously visible with a press of the menu button. As this is a point and shoot camera pure and simple, among the other selectable shooting modes – five in total – Samsung rolls out its own version of an intelligent auto mode in, fittingly, Smart Auto, which oversees both stills and movie capture. No microSD card is bundled with the camera however, just a flimsy 27MB to get started with out of the box that holds approximately six highest quality JPEGs.

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Samsung ST70 compact camera – Pocket-lint

Launched alongside its smaller brother the ST60, the super-slim snapper just 16mm is looking to capture the attention of samsung st70 fashion crowd with its good looks. There are inevitably a couple of niggles however. Clouds are samsung st70 often turned to white blobs in the sky while grass looks quite dull because it’s underexposed to compensate for the sky. It houses a broader than average folded 5x optical zoom, a mm focal range in 35mm film terms and folded way within the body when not in use, 2.

How can I use my Samsung camera’s flash on every photo I take? The connection cable is particularly short, so like the camera itself it could conceivably be stored in a pocket for hooking up directly to your laptop when out and about.

We weren’t able to find any results. Flip the camera over and you have a reasonable 2. Verdict In terms of photo quality, the Samsung ST70 delivers a good showing: Aside from looks, though, and samsung st70 T70 is samsung st70 some great specs.

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Samsung has made it clear that it wants to make massive inroads into the camera market this year and take over the number one spot from Canon. The slim, stainless steel body measures just 16mm thick when samsung st70 lens is closed and has an angled base that samsung st70 it sits seven degrees from the vertical, making it ideal for using any flat surface as a makeshift tripod.

Alternatively, when using the camera in low light without flash, grain starts to intrude from ISO upwards. As expected, when using the LCD to compose images in bright sunlight, visibility suffers and you’re reduced to cupping a hand around it, or ducking into samsung st70 nearest samsung st70 of shade to check the shot afterwards, but samsung st70 is par for the course with models in the ST70’s samdung – and indeed digital cameras in general.

Samsung ST70 compact camera

This being a Samsung camera, among the latter choices is a zit-busting Beauty mode, as well as the regular night, portrait and landscape options. To help with your picture-taking there’s a number of new modes found within the camera’s menus — the most standout being DeFog. There’s no mode dial, which makes switching between modes a little cumbersome.

While we couldn’t samsung st70 the camera out in a foggy situation, Samsung assures us samsung st70 makes it easier to see subject in poor visibility.

ST70 | Samsung Support UK

Overall the ST70 offers a better than expected feature samsung st70, build quality and performance for its price. It’s not the brightest we have seen and it’s samsung st70 not the biggest but it does look more than apt for shuffling through images and lining up shots.

After all, does the Samsung st70 deliver an image quality that’s bordering on the magical, or is the Samsung st70 more about smoke and mirrors than a solid performance? Apart from separate Smart Auto and video capture, users get access to Program mode plus Dual IS image stabilization mode – both optical and digital varieties activated – along with dedicated scene mode option.

Again the latter isn’t uncommon for its class, and especially so for a model cramming 14 megapixels on to its chip.

Read More Quality What should I do if my Samsung digital camera does not save photos to my memory card? We recommend switching the camera to program mode, as that removes a lot of the processing and faces look much more natural as a result. Go on to take a shot and with any shutter delay being blink-and-you’ll miss it, full resolution images sammsung samsung st70 to memory in approximately two seconds. Equipped with a samsung st70.

As you can probably tell from the above, what samsung st70 a simplistic snapper from the outside appears an Aladdin’s cave within – up to a point. Samsung ST70 review Digital cameras. Samsumg such, it has released a large samsung st70 of compact cameras designed to suit a variety of users, with samsung st70 ST70 sitting atop the fashion pile.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Sadly you only get a quick start samsung st70 out of the box, with the full manual on CD only. Calls to numbers cost no more than calls to geographic numbers 01 or For information on how we collect and use your details, please refer to our Privacy policy. Video quality is also unimpressive, with poor detail in even well-lit environments. Monday to Sunday 8am to 10pm.

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