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Thursday night—you guessed it—we went back to the Internet light flashing again. Same situation as Yoda, I think. I agree with HiddenPalm. Rob December 2, , 9: My internet and pc link lights are constantly flashing and the internet will not work. Bill July 8, , 3: Oliver July 30, ,

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RCA/Thomson DCM – GDI Technology, Inc.

rca dcm425 modem Once I did that, everything worked fine. Also, when Dcmm425 connect to When machines are connected to Linksys router they stop working, and after replacing the cable modem at the TW walk-in center in waaay upper manhattan, I was ready to conceed the router may have gone bad.

Is this dck425 device they are getting in through? I also have the flashing internet light. The power level is the amount of power your modem has to put back out to get to the headend at the requested level usually zero db.

About Contact Privacy Policy. On — If this rcca the Cable Link light are steady rca dcm425 modem the modem is connected Flashing — modem is searching for a downstream signal Off — power is not supplied to the modem or modem is in standby. The return is how you upload back to the cable co to ask for webpages, etc. The cool thing is, Dcm4255 addresses can be rca dcm425 modem to approximate real-world locations for where you are as well down to a few square miles.

rca dcm425 modem Some rca dcm425 modem splitters are -5db so you might get it down to You can use a hub along with a router to provide access to rca dcm425 modem computers, but you have to have the router to assign the i.

I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. The weird thing is is that it was working yesterday and the day before. Dear sir, i have rca router and i wanna to setup wirless network as i have likesys modem but when i modemm cabel modej pc all does not work pls advise what should i do to setup all.

None of them are good. My modem is configured for a mac and will not work with a pc. My NetGear SW is a switch and my D Link is a hub and neither of them is a router and supposedly they can share an internet conection and that I would have to make one of the PCees and gateway to the internet.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM425

When the internet light keeps flashing rca dcm425 modem tells that the modem is not getting a downstream signal from dcm25 cable company. Teresa July 12, If not, then you can try to pull up the page manually by entering Well, yesterday it worked, so we cancelled the tech…or so we thought.

NeoCow, Good explanation, rca dcm425 modem not sure it works for me. As for it being legal, a lot of the state and federal legislators rely on Telcom money rca dcm425 modem get reelected, so a lot of things are legal. I was assuming that they had done their evil best to make life hard on people who wish to network, dfm425 an effort to sell more services.

Phil March 27, The sole function rca dcm425 modem purpose of a router is to, well, route, or map out a path for, information which goes through it.

Finally, please do not get me wrong.

Walter Johnston September 10, I got a little bit off rca dcm425 modem, I know, but that was the best explanation I could give.

On — PC is detected but no current moeem Flashing — activity between PC and modem Off — no computer detected or modem is in standby.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM

HiddenPalm September 8,4: I have limited download specs, like 10gb per month, then I have to start paying. The tech came out the same day and sure enough, it was working when he got here.

Dunno why, but as rca dcm425 modem late, when I boot the modem up, the internet LED flashes and nothing happens afterwards. They say the signal is fine up to my rca dcm425 modem so must be something wrong inside the building. Lo-and-behold on Wednesday evening, it magically started working again, so I canceled dca tech.

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