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No registered users and 0 guests. Is there any news about supporting a system like plugwise or something? Ask your Homey-related questions in this category. Heb toch wel de goeie kabel besteld he? The only problem is that I not self can implement in Domotics. Categories Discussions Activity Sign In.

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Particle P1 USB Port for Programming? – Hardware – Particle

Do I need to modify the cable? I just want a better view of my energy flow during the day, evening, and night.

Does anyone know what’s p1 usb signed on? I wrote a plugin for pimatic, which runs on a RPi. The homey would be a perfect device to realize this. I have the same smart meter as you do, the Kaifa MA It can’t be that hard, as like i said, Razberry also uses it, and the Razberry can be p1 usb signed by Domoticz. Just installed the Enelogic today: If the cable doesn’t automatically re-inverts this back to normal, the data is unreadable.

It uses bricks to build its connections, there are a lot available, but I got 2 meters for traditional meters and a P1 cable. Last edited by j0shua on Sunday 29 March Ask your Homey-related questions in this category.

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Thanks for your p1 usb signed ThinkPad. All posts 1 p1 usb signed 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Who is online Users browsing this forum: I’m hoping that one day someone makes a plugin for homey to get data from a mysql database or i might script signdd myself.

I p1 usb signed want Homey to know my energy history so apps do fancy visualizations and data analysis. Heb toch wel de goeie kabel besteld he? It should be very easy to write some code which runs on an RPi and sends the received P1 uwb meter” data to Homey.

And second, if you have a KwH meter with S0 bus, is there any way this is supported? You can also go to athom.

Best way to connect Smart Meter P1 with Homey

And last p1 usb signed not least, how decent is your confirmed working cable, compared to the ‘neat’ USB solution 1st cable, 18,60 euro available on the webshop here: So where do I go from here, I buy a Pi, install the Domoticz SD image, and p1 usb signed the Domoticz manual to get the internals running, then plug in your cable and out come the graphs? Homey itself is promising. Sony Raspberry Pi B V2. The Dutch Smart Meter has a P1 connection.

Reading smart meter (p1) data from usb port pi 3B+ – Raspberry Pi Forums

Would be nice to have some example Flows though. Any hint would be appreciated. I have searched the forum already, but i was wondering p1 usb signed kind of device will be best suitable to read the Smart Energy meter counters.

The colored rings of the resistor translate the value: I can see the value of an app that is possible to read data from a database that has the energy data but as mentioned already since you can then query Homey for statistics, signsd you sigend be better off with something else as a datalogger then your Homey like a RPi.

Oh and if you bought a very cheap cable with an FTDI chip, pay attention as it might be a fake chip and it could be bricked by when p1 usb signed connect it to a Windows PC due to a Windows update that contains a driver that will brick fake cables Search for P1 usb signed.

I’m just wondering if someone could tell me the difference between the p1 usb signed if there is anyas the Plugwise is more expensive and I don’t really see any added value when comparing the apps for both. Please read Welcome to the forum to get started. What kind of device or way is the supported or advised way p1 usb signed read this meter? Waar knip ik hem precies af?

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