I had to do some work again on the laptop so immediately took the lid up but nothing appeared on the screen. But anyway, this is all pointing to a power problem if you ask me. All the power lights com on and somtimes the dvd drive begins to power and the fan starts but only for a second or so and then it powers off again. Make sure the memory module is good. The screen has proper colors.

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The left LCD at the front is on, which probably indicates that nec versa e6500 power supply is working. It seems like pc is turned on but no life. Test your laptop with another known good AC adapter.

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This way you can find the faulty memory module. Just to know things better……. No LEDs light up. I think it may have a translation for this error message.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

The output amperage has to be the same as on the original adapter or higher, but not lower. Most likely the cooling module heat sink and fan is clogged nec versa e6500 dust and has to be cleaned.

Zach, First of all, try swapping memory. But there is no video, at all. Sometimes very rarely nec versa e6500, it does bootup and comes in fully working condition but freezes after a few hours. The screen has proper colors.

If you have only one module installed try replacing it with another known good memory. Your tip on removing the battery and ac power, then holding the power button for thirty seconds, waiting a couple of minutes…that did the trick.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

nec versa e6500 Notebook disassembly nec versa e6500 inspection of DC power jack revealed positive post moves up and down in motherboard contact point due to broken solder connection. Also, all the lights are on but the keyboard doesnt seem to work. I was on my Ltop and all of a sudden the screen freaked out and quickly showed jec all across it and then went black.

Could be memory related problem. Apparently your laptop shuts down because it overheats.

BubbaJoe, The hard drive clicks and the laptop reboots? I have HP Nef. Nec versa e6500 tested the video, memory, ac adapter and they alll seems to be fine. If the laptop nec versa e6500 with one module veras work with the second one, the first module is defective and has to be replaced. Test the laptop with each module separately.

Test the power adapter, make sure it outputs correct voltage or test your laptop with another adapter.

At your suggestion I will contact Toshiba regarding the extended warranty. However when I leave the adapter plugged into an electrical outlet which I have changed several times, the light comes nec versa e6500 for a few minutes and then comes off again.

Test the laptop with each one separately. Suddenly its LCD stopped funtioning. I switched memories around. Jangan kau tuduh aku Probably there is something wrong with nec versa e6500 hard drive controller witch is located on the motherboard. Any ideas what could be the problem?

If it fails, you have to replace the motherboard. If the memory fails test, replace it. I was asked to insert Disc and allowed it to do its stuff. Can you boot nec versa e6500 Safe Mode? Could be bad DC adapter I nec versa e6500. I dont know what to do can help me? Loose connection between this board and motherboard can be your problem. It was Given to Me as A gift,it worked fine until nov. I think there could be a problem with the onboard video and the motherboard nec versa e6500 to be replaced.

Make sure it outputs correct voltage and works properly. I could access to processor, doesnt look burned.

Try reconnecting memory modules. Try starting the laptop without battery installed. Probably you have a faulty hard drive.

Thank you very much for your advice…. Go to my previous post witch nec versa e6500 laptop video problems in more details. Tried powering down,removing the battery and resetting the CMOS and still nothing. Can you start the laptop now?