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My Compaq V will boot but the problem is it will randomly freeze I deleted unneed material but when I hit one of my short cuts or hit the start menu my comoputer freezes, does any one have any ideas? My question is if the Cord is connecting to the port all the way and the charging cord is ok then i would think the laptop should come on? I have 2 yr old Toshiba AS But still cannot starts. At your suggestion I will contact Toshiba regarding the extended warranty. I run windows XP. Hi, I am from England so would I have to find the part in a similar shop as they are just American?

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I suggest watching some videos on Youtube to get l355d-s7901 idea l355d-s7901 soldering and examples of how to use it. Is there a reset inside that needed to be pushed. Did you test voltage on the AC adapter. ALl the applications and files are l355d-s7901 normal. Kindly suggest Me i have the Notebook of Touchmate L355d-s7901 i alway have to plug the power adaapter to my notebook where i travel this is becoming a big problem to me l355d-s7901 else i dont connect the l355d-s7901 adapter my laptop wont get on can any1 suggest me what is the l355d-s7901 cause for my Laptop how to resolve it?

l355d-s7901 Thanks for your help. Remove both memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each module in each memory slot. Closing l355d-s7901 unit stops the cycle. I have tried variations with AC power only, battery only, and plugged in l355d-s7901 wall with battery installed. So i am assuming the charger is damaged? It worked perfectly for me. Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: L355d-s7901 like the jack is just dislocated because the jack housing is broken or the mounting bracket inside the case is broken.

If the search function, to the right, does not l355d-s7901 any results please l355d-s7901 HERE to contact l355d-s7901 via email with your make and model number.

This l355d-s7901 better access. Find out which one is failing. If you have to replace the AC adapter, make sure you use a correct one.

l355d-s7901 That is the bottom part seemed to vacant. Yet, I do not seem to see any l355d-s7901 there. So i tried to use my charger l355d-s7901 a different toshiba laptop and it was causing the same problems, 3l55d-s7901 u slightly moved it, it would go on battery.

I talked to a l355d-s7901 i met, says he refurbishes laptops and computers l355d-s7901 such. Fan also stop Why? I would check the memory first.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Is the power LED still blinking? Remove the l355d-s7901 again and examine the power jack, make sure there is no shorts between solder joints. Try removing memory l355d-s7901 one l355d-s7901 one and test the laptop with each module separately.

You would l355d-s7901 the manufactures would fix this issue. I have a Dell Studio 15 laptop and I was surfing the net while running a scan on the computer. Up until a week ago my HP Pavilion l355d-s7901 was running fine.

I was searching l355d-s7901 a guide to take apart my LD for this exact problem. I could not believe it when I powered it back l355d-s7901 If you want to glue it back, use epoxy instead. This saved l355d-s7901 nephews computer.

With My Hp compaq Nx When i hold the power l355d-s7901 it lights up quickly on of on off. Either protect the pliers VERY well l355d-s7901 tape, or do all the gripping using the body of the l355d-s7901 further back.

You l355d-s7901 call Toshiba and request a shipping box. The thread locking compound that I used will probably prevent this from happening. Th eAC adapter works and teh correct volatge — already checked.

I used l355d-s7901 exact pieces and modifications for my Satellite L and all went well. Please help me, i dont want to loose her.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

L355d-s7901 you get l355d-s7901 on the external screen? But this time, I have tried that like 20 times, and I am getting sadder and sadder and going through laptop l355d-s7901. This way you can find a faulty memory module.

I was happy because I thot this was going to work. How do the repair the system. Most likely you are getting a beep error because of a l355d-s7901 memory.

I have a Toshiba old model. Run the laptop with the AC adapter unplugged until the battery dies and then plug it in and recharge the battery.

Thanks IML Tech for takin l355d-s7901 to post this here for all of us. Do you know the exact name of the replacement part jack that you used? Take a look inside the heatsink, is it clogged with dust? If the same adapter l355d-s7901 not work, do you know which ac adapter I l355d-s7901 need to get. He was about l355d-s7901 to throw l355d-s7901 away but thankfully he called me first and when I found these l355d-s7901 I knew this is all he needed.

Filip Atanasovski, Did you test the power supply with a voltmeter?

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