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I think der is a problem with the n vidia. I have a problem with the connection of the flat cable from a Toshiba L keyboard and plug welded to the motherboard type locking tab. Still have the majority of it in parts though. Just follow the instructions. Maybe this board is defective and has to be replaced. Computer boots to black screen with blinking cursor — A device is connected Did you leave a USB flash drive connected to your computer or maybe an external hard drive?

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Finally just gave BSOD and some parity errors. I put back the hard drive and still no go.

The rest are in that order for default too. Hp pavilion dv6748us it happen just recently? Has anyone used liquid flux using the oven method? Thanks for the reply! Can you try another keyboard?

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

So my feeble attempts at fixing were actually bad! The only way i can get it to boot up is to unplug two of my hp pavilion dv6748us and then turn on.

I got a heat gun from Harbor Freight… Cheap… Covered the mother board with foil except the GPU… Ran the heat gun on low setting for 60 seconds… And the laptop works… It was a good idea to test the solder on the penny first to get the time seconds needed hp pavilion dv6748us your heat gun to melt the solder properly… Just for fun i took off the heat sink hp pavilion dv6748us from the GPU and used good high silver heatsink compound and a penny for a spacer… put compound on both sides of the penny and stuck it to the GPU… It fit great and oozed out the compound from both sides… so nice and tight… Thanks again!

I have a similar problem. Just want hp pavilion dv6748us add my thanks. The memory chips had pads, I used the thermal compound between the chips and the pads to make for the loss of uniformity due to the stripping process.

Please let me know. Do you have an antivirus boot disc to scan the computer? When I try to enter a password the curser just keeps on blinking and will not enter any letter.

So far, nothing has made hp pavilion dv6748us effect in changing anything about the black screen with the white blinking curser. When you enter Safe mode you should then shut your computer down correctly.

E Emachines E Series: Supplying DC Power Jacks, Connectors and Sockets hp pavilion dv6748us the most reasonable prices on the internet is what has kept us around.

It is booting to a floppy drive??? You hp pavilion dv6748us to read the instructions on the screen in the bios to tell you how to do this. Already cleaned my fan and removed the dust and what ever blocking hp pavilion dv6748us air from flowing.

Olumide November 7, Do you have one? Ian February 15, I might try recloning using a different utility like clonezilla, in case this is a Ghost problem. Computer boots to black screen with blinking cursor — A device is connected Did you leave a USB flash drive connected to your computer or maybe an external hard drive?

I have written an article on the computer will not wake up from sleep mode. So, can i use this method for this desktop motherboard. I think this method is more reliable and the repair should last for a while. Have a HP compak presario. One of them the CPU and another one the video chip.

If you had a windows operating system disc or recovery disc this would help. Spiro May 24, What about your hp pavilion dv6748us or dvd player. This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 5. Eugene May 5, Tried the very first suggestion on this page and it worked!

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip | Laptop Repair

Make sure you take all usb drives and cds out. Why should I hp pavilion dv6748us consumer have to pay more hp pavilion dv6748us get it fixed or try myself to fix it and risk further damage after buying a costly item. The problem is, if there are two programs clashing, there is not pvilion you can do to stop this. NO operating disk because the people who made this computer decided not to make one… And no i didnt lose it cus i NEVER got a cd with this.

Then I put it into hibernation and left it alone for a day, and now I have the blinking black screen cursor of evil. Also see these extra Troubleshooting Black Screen tips. JohnO October 3, This black screen tutorial has been split up into separate sections as people are getting confused with what to try for their actual problem.

From the beginning, I tried everything listed and come to find out it was loose memory from hp pavilion dv6748us previous repair by a local technician. You upgraded your hard drive and now you see a blinking cursor You installed a larger hard drive and now you have a black screen with a blinking cursor.

It turned out I was laving an external hardrive hp pavilion dv6748us pictures in. Either of these scenarios would have destroyed the recovery partition but Pzvilion wasn;t able to access the recovery files anyways….

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