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Note that later driver can be removed in same way. Note that from this point everything can be done on any PC. Now restart PC, even if not asked to do so. We will use it for finding passwords only.. It could be you will see more than one pair. Make sure you have installed your protected application and Hasp dongle is plugged.

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At the end is final screen saying that hasp4 done. Opens Install hasp4 Disk dialog – press “Browse On the list we should see “Dongle-Duplicate reading driver”.

HASP Device Driver API for Windows 32bit compilers:

Note hasp4 from hasp4 point everything can be haasp4 on any PC. Find it and email to dongle nsys. You will only need to read data of you HASP. What is HASP and dongle.

Support for HASP

To analyze HASP protocol hasp4 you will need logic state analyzer with at least 9 better 12 channels. Then offered to select driver to hasp4. If all ok hasp4 will see status changed to “Emulator Service is running”. Great – half work done.

It is Open source sample application hasp4 by Microsoft R and included with Windows R driver hasp4 kit.

After Reboot your protected application will continue to work as before if it has failed in previous step.

Below is step-by hasp4 hasl4 how to get identification data hasp4 of your dongle: Do something with your protected app for few minutes to allow it to check for hasp presence. Now restart PC, even if not hasp4 to do so. Save that information in to Key. There are vast hasp4 of various dongles floating around, and “Hasp” is just one kind of them.

The unique is only functional and memory content inside the HASP chips. Make hardware duplicate of your original HASP. Currently they can be downloaded hasp4 Aladdin support site directly: Later hasp4 can see a warning that Dongle-Duplicate driver is not passed Windows Logo.

Dongle is hasp4 device to plug in to the LPT or other port. Make sure you have Hasp dongle drivers hasp4.

How to know which one is in your hands? Currently they can be downloaded from Aladdin support site directly:. It can also be that your hasp4 application hasp4 not start or tells “no hasp” or something hasp4. If you don’t know them or don’t know what hsap4 are – read how to get Hasp Passwords.

HASP4 End Users’ Downloads

Select “Install hasp4 a list hasp4 specific location” and go “Next”. Your protected application makes a call to the hasp dongle using 2 passwords, which are hidden in software code. This does not mean that your cloned hasp4 or its duplicate will be restricted to any operating system.

Note that later driver can be removed in same way. The dongle answers to PC via “PaperEnd” pin 12 hasp4. On the search hasp4 install options select “Don’t search.

Now we have our hasp hasp4 ready and your hasp4 plugged. Click on haso4 device and all its information show up on the right side.

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