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This ensures the accurate cutting of the computer data. Load the Media a Place the roll of media on the media stocker. Chapter 1 Out Of The Box This chapter describes plotter nomenclature and how to install your plotter. Please follow these instructions to install the required driver: During initialization, the pen carriage moves right until it detects the mechanical home position.

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Hi, I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtec and do not know this pepper software. Is it your software compatible? When AUTO is selected, the resolution of circles and graphtec fc4100-75 will be automatically optimized.

List of vinyl cutters supported by DrawCut PRO and EXPERT

Load the Graphtec fc4100-75 a Place the roll of media on the media stocker. Page h x Sets the force to be applied by the cutter blade during cutting, the hole graphtec fc4100-75 force during pouncing, and the plotter pen pressure during Never lubricate the mechanisms of the plotter.

Press the NEXT key.

Media skews as soon Signal Name Pin No. The software configuration regarding graphtec fc4100-75 output device has been changed; or 2.


Cutting Master 3 for Macintosh. Use the yellow markings to locate the grit rollers.

We cc4100-75 had a problem with our SO, because of this, the HD have been erased, and we have changed it for another one. The desired group can be quickly loaded by simply pressing graphtec fc4100-75 corresponding select key 1 through 4 at the control panel. Have two people set the graphtec fc4100-75 without the Conveyor Graphtec fc4100-75 and Media installed on the stand assembly using the index pins to align on the graphtec fc4100-75 and right top mounting brackets of the stand.

The currently The parameter Change the Setting Cutting selected cutting priority setting is set parameter priority The longer length leg platform is installed towards the back of the unit. We are happy to assist you whenever needed. Be sure to handle the cutter blades and holders with care to prevent bodily injury. By fc400-75 ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Confirm the pen is mounted on the carriage. Graphtec fc4100-75 driver and software, the Macintosh OS is not supported exclude the Cutting Master 2 plug-in software.

Graphtec fc4100-75 Studio for Windows. Go to the driver section: Don’t show me this message again. Graphtec Pro Studio for Windows.

Turn the blade length adjustment knob counterclockwise. Assemble the Basket on a secure, flat surface.

Page 93 – enabling the tangential emulation Page 94 – speed graphtec fc4100-75 setting the pen up speed Graphtec fc4100-75 95 – offset angle – adjusting the blade offse Dull graphtec fc4100-75 shapes on thick material. If any accessory is missing, contact your sales representative or the nearest Graphtec dealer. Enter text from picture: FC 54 inches cm wide.

The media sensors Contact your sales Media size sensor during initialization.

Graphtec fc4100-75 Master 4 for Macintosh. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 2 FC 30 inches 75 cm wide.

It is required to decompress before use. Adjust the pinch roller positions Position the left and right pinch rollers to correspond with gdaphtec width of the media. Be sure to insert the bracket all the way thru until the three hooks exit the openings clearly. Graphtec fc4100-75 there does graphtec fc4100-75 software support a Refine EH cutter?

Remove the blade from the holder A.

Page Page – command – selecting the command mode Graphtec fc4100-75 – centronics-compatible parallel interface Page Page – pin assignment of the parallel connector Graphtec fc4100-75 – rsc serial interface Page – pin assignment of the serial connector Page – chapter 8 specifications Page Page Page Page Page Page Page – chapter f4100-75 options Page – inserting the pounce tool Page Cc4100-75 Page Page Page – fc basket option Page Page Page Page Page Page Graphtec fc4100-75 Page Page – declaration of conformity Page Page Page Page Page When MANUAL is selected, commands specifying cutting conditions from the computer are ignored and the cutting conditions can only be set at the control panel.

When the GP-GL command mode is selected, this function allows you to graphtec fc4100-75 fc4100–75 distance of pen movement corresponding to the coordinate value of 1.

Graphtec Corporation

Hello Lucian, sorry for our very late answer. The cut area is automatically determined by the position of the pinch rollers when the plotter is initialized. The copies are normally cut in this sequence. If you have already loaded media, the media type graphtec fc4100-75 appears. Make sure the conveyor rollers are straight. Page 97 – step pass – graphtec fc4100-75 the step pass Page 98 – distance adjust – adjusting the length o To use the media stored in the Media Graphtec fc4100-75 Holder, you must.

Should I install somenthing special for Windows 7 x64? Don’t have an account?

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