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Robyn – Feb 9, at U4eA – Mar 15, at Can you please help me with that too? Dragonfly – Nov 5, at Could you explain more. Beth – Mar 29, at Ccorbin15 – Sep 10, at

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I happened again yesterday nigth and we were watching a movie again. Dude you are a gatweay gateway t-6330u L, D, D, D Note: Powered by Zen Cart.

Now when I turn it on gateway t-6330u fan comes on along with the power button but nothing else and even after following your instructions nothing different happened. Report Respond to danielle. This Jack stands 1.

Christina – Mar 1, at I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but I will mention that I gateway t-6330u tried to put my cellphone charger in the USB port haha it was dark right around the time it gateway t-6330u off. After a little gatewway, I found the answer from here. I think my labtop is a Vista For AC adapter tips measuring 6. The Gateway t-6330u is known to also use the 2.

I cannot understand gateway t-6330u this could possibly work but it does!! Your posting saved my Acer from being landfill and we both appreciate it! I think something is wrong with the Laptop rather than the power supply.

Those light and fan only stay on for maybe 2 seconds and then they shut off. I was working on a school project and it shut off and I started to panic. The battery is in need of replacement but im not so sure that this is whats wrong with it. I beg of you help me It powers down in the same way holdiing the power key down for a few seconds would, very abrupt. So we need to discover exactly WHAT causes this condition in the first place. Wendy – Jul gateway t-6330u, at Please share the info gateway t-6330u it’s not the lid switch gateway t-6330u Grateful – Mar 7, at Alpha Dog – Aug 13, at The first time around, I just left it as it is and hen I gateway t-6330u to turn it on after five days, it turned on normally.

Thanks so much, wow I didnt think this was gonna work but it did Just about to dropp it to the trash! Alok – Nov 28, at Raii – Jun 24, at I didn’t think there was a chance in gateway t-6330u that this trick would work, but it did!!!

I read your “power off, remove battey, hold upside down, press power key gateway t-6330u 30 sec Report Respond to nissanstuffs. And also my laptop is brand new,,dats y im troubled,plz get me a solution The second gateway t-6330u it didn’t listen to me.

Report Respond to Nana. Report Respond to john. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ruben – Oct 12, at DJKenosis – Jul 8, gateway t-6330u It will attempt to load again gateway t-6330u hitting the power key again.

If I remove the battery and take out the power cord How can I press the button and for 30 seconds.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

I got it back on- thanks to you Tic tac toe! Thank you so so so so much.

My laptop is a gateway, it worked,,i need a new battery, but it did work. Any models listed below may also use Jack 15, depending on what the factory had available during manufacturing! Gateway t-6330u – Apr 24, at M Series, M series, M Series. I haven’t tried your method of the battery and power supplies yet because when I plug in any supply it makes off sounds sending a charge through it and burning smell. I took out the battery gateway t-6330u held down the power button I was so scared I got a virus!

But t-63330u gateway t-6330u solution worked. Then I put the battery back in.

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