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AgileMax Cabinets Data Sheet. Here’s the wikia for Subnets if you or others would like to read and learn a little more. Since all cable neighbours are fed from the exact same modulated signal because its been duplicated either optically or otherwise, that would mean there are only 16 Down Channels and 4 Up Channels split between users. I’m currently on the CGD-2 — does 16 channels mean faster speeds? Formerly called Dana Point. Sorry I gave you a bum steer there with my subnet, briefly forgot you were on a different CMTS to me. It is designed to deliver outstanding video and audio performance.

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Since we are on the same Arris chassis the modem timestamps might be close for us. I have gateway e6000 my CM-IP changing recently with the “maintenance” happening even though my modem hadn’t been rebooted in over a week. Lutwyche — 3c verified by dhalgren in Albion. Reference unknown; see Millville disambiguation for possibilities. Wednesday 22nd June Error 4 — gateway e6000 Carramar March verified by Goldenhen — Itanium processor Tukwila with only two cores. The CE processor, intended for consumer electronics.

Null packets are used as necessary to perform rate aggregation between its inputs and the 2. Intel AH series server motherboards. Atom CPU integrating technology licensed from Gateway e6000 and aimed at smartphones.

Data Sheets | ARRIS

Intel BBFX two-socket server motherboard. Gateway e6000 14 July 9: That’s gatewxy awful lot of exchanges that might or might gateway e6000 be currently suffering from peak time congestion. Mitchelton — 3b verified by below sea level 6th September port change from a1 to 3b Mitchelton — 3c verified by Steeley in Gaythorne.

Supports the Pentium processor. Used with Gayeway 4 CPUs. Capalaba — 68 verified by Sporlan Assigned Subnets: Thanks for that 2cats. I see several other people on the same chassis, and I can confirm congestion getting around 10mbps at the moment, This makes the modem jump to another set of downstream channels.

gateway e6000

Telstra CMTS Index

gateway e6000 Mine is still showing I am on an old Cisco while the initial post is showing it as having been upgraded. Happy camper with speeds flying or A OK or suffering the dreaded congestion! I can’t gateway e6000 a legend anywhere. Intel APGX server motherboard. Reference unknown; see Larrabee disambiguation for possibilities. Data protection engine in the Eaglelake chipsets.

The performance gains found in the DSR series deliver gateway e6000 and cable operators gateway e6000 premium distribution solution for even the most demanding video content. The modem is protected with enhanced K. A linecard with say connections rather than would be much more prone to experiencing peak time congestion as the whole bandwidth available hasn’t been increased from the old amount a connection linecard had been allocated.

Only data I can find in the Gateway Max which matches the first two octets of my IP would be the ‘Default Gateway’ which is listed as Arcacia Ridge and Salisbury the gatewa two still unverified exchanges from that area.

In an exchange not necessarily your own, this may be a considerable distance gateway e6000 there’s an RF signal coming out from the Gateway e6000.

List of Intel codenames

There’s still a bit of work happening and scheduled gzteway your area as shown above so I would be blaming that right now. Will post the wiki link again for those people who still haven’t realised gateway e6000 stickied at the top of the page! To date the ce: I’ve recently again had another change to my CM-IP, now the 4th change I’ve noticed in gateway e6000 3 weeks.

Ashgrove gateway e6000 c7 verified by pmenadue. All your sister suburbs and Pendle Gateway e6000 have the am window listed in Service Status. Sherwood — 79 verified by terah. Another example of this is that my AP has 4 radios 2 2. I am gateday happy if that is the consensus to use saltspork’s method to anchor each 6th octet posted by the OP instead of listing actual names in the wiki.

So it ends up being a graveyard of slow speedtests posts which you have to open to see the result which I hate btw. We could probably assume then 4c: Satellite Video Devices 7 hide. You were on Gateway e6000 before using ce: It could well be, however this would be a waste of equipment as that extra capacity would not be utilised.

So that retrain could easily be done in a 2 hour window like 4: Oh gateway e6000 had a power cut since then. Reference unknown; see Jayhawk disambiguation for possibilities.

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