Optical drive is modular. Conservative yet not boring design; strong application performance; useful set of ports and connections. It is a dual-core processor, so the S will garner better performance scores than, say, the Toughbook CF-W5 , which has a 1. And the LifeBook S does just that. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. I found the battery life to be middling, but not awful. But lack of a rugged build and so-so battery life are downsides to the S

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On the left side you get the power jack, mini-S-Video port comes with an adapterheadphone out, microphone in, 4-pin FireWire. With the screen set to half brightness, wireless on, and using the notebook for web browsing and other light tasks I got 2 hours and 17 minutes of battery life.

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S – External Reviews

I wish more manufacturers would illuminate the power button to make it stand out. Speaking of viewing, the screen is absolutely fantastic.

Top view of LifeBook S view large image. My point being, black never goes out of style, and it looks fine. Personally I e2210 the price is a bit high for what you get relative to other notebooks out there, but as always you can shop around to find better prices, so do your homework there.

Fujitsu LifeBook S2210 Specifications

The Fujitsu LifeBook S business ultraportable has a larger-than-average screen and a built-in optical drive. My high-end review unit has Bluetooth built in, but there’s no need to add it should you get the base model because pairing your laptop to a cell phone is usually not a priority for most businesses. The S comes with standard 1-year warranty, you can upgrade to 3-year with international support if you find yourself travelling a lot.

For all three types, this size is quite large. One thing I did was switch Vista performance settings to Battery Optimized, which helped a great deal in extending battery life. Though there are several media buttons at the top of the keyboard, there are none to control volume. The blue light on the power button is a particularly nice feedback system for telling you that power is on. The base model is the best value.

Build wise the S is good, but not great. The downsides to the notebook are the middling battery life, it runs a bit warm, and the keyboard could be improved. That battery life is way too meager for a business ultraportable.

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S2210

So, details like letters are bigger. Transcoding a video on the S is at least 40 percent faster than on the Panasonic laptop. The upside is that the speaker grill area looks nice.

The biggest variety of subnotebooks is represented with this size. The benchmarks below tell the story of the expected average performance.

The Fujitsu LifeBook S business fyjitsu has a larger-than-average screen and a built-in optical drive. And the LifeBook S does just that.

I know some will prefer that to the learning curve Vista might force you through. And yet here comes the Fujitsu LifeBook S’s boxy PC Mag Bottom line: The high-end model that we reviewed ups the memory to 2GB and the hard drive to GB, and offers the same DVD burner as the midrange model. Laptop Mag With nearly every laptop manufacturer having abandoned standard-aspect displays for the roomier widescreen format, it’s a bit of a fumitsu to see a square-shaped screen these days.

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Fujitsu’s business-oriented thin-and-light LifeBook S s220 plenty of features and strong performance, but its standard-aspect display isn’t for everyone. In between the mouse buttons is a fingerprint reader, you can also run your finger along this to scroll through webpages or documents. Overall the screen is better than your average notebook; you just have to decide whether standard size and glossy screen are two characteristics that fit your needs.

It is a dual-core processor, so the S will garner better performance scores than, say, the Toughbook CF-W5which has a 1.