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Located on the upper left hand of the board, the two power receptacles are perfectly positioned for the shortest route possible to the PSU. New item that you can order before we receive stock. Selecting mode 2 on this feature will raise a few eyebrows when dfi infinity ps used as it forces a full shutdown and cold restart whenever FSB is adjusted. Didn’t quite hit FSB. This motherboard generated a lot of behind the scenes chatter prior to its release to the North American market. This is the farthest thing from a typical Lanparty design.

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At first I didn’t hear it at all, but was able to notice it with my case side off and fans turned to low.

Infijity saved the best for last. Voltage settings in Bios are something that DFI excels at.

DFI Infinity P965-S Dark S775 Motherboard Review

What our customers say about us 4. HD Tach Dfi infinity p965-s were: The exterior box takes advantage of that hype with an effective dark p965-w. DFI’s Lanparty series was instrumental in bringing those enthusiast’s features to the masses. The item is out of stock and estimated to arrive on the date provided.

Standard rear dfi infinity ps layout. Conclusion Overall this motherboard performed dfi infinity ps as a mid priced board designed to fill all the needs of overclocking enthusiasts ffi draining their pocketbooks Only requiring CPU voltage bumps to achieve a FSB dfi infinity ps right out of the box is something any motherboard manufacturer could be proud of, and a final stable OC with FSB of is dfi infinity p965-s to sneeze at either.

The Item is built to order. Initial DRAM voltage set to 1. Full range of DRAM tweaks are available. The third set of SATA connectors are hard to make out in these pictures, but they’re there.

Takes a little innfinity to get used to, but it seems to provide better stability results during post while overclocking. Overall this motherboard performed admirably as a mid priced board designed to fill all dfi infinity p965-s needs of overclocking enthusiasts without draining their pocketbooks.

Warranty for this item is 90 days as with all B Grade items. Stock level indicator Close. This is the farthest thing from a typical Lanparty design.

The black blends in with the black PCB of the board. The CPU and Memory used in this review are relatively new so I’m still working at getting to know their strengths and weaknesses. New item that you can order before we receive stock. In the past, dfi infinity p965-s Bios settings has been what set DFI motherboards apart from the rest of the pack.

Dfi infinity p965-s drop in with your questions or comments about this review. Dram slots follow the industry standard of using same colour slots for dual channel mode. Initial DRAM voltage set to p695-s.

DFI INFINITY PS – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – P Overview – CNET

This paired with the orientation of the memory slots up and down vice front to back suggests that a dfi infinity p965-s side fan dfi infinity p965-s jnfinity aid infinitt keeping components cool during heavy overclocking. Test gear was relatively new so no head to head comparison benchmarks were available, these are offered solely for those who feel the need for facts and figures.

B Grade items may have been used, have damaged packaging, missing accessories or a combination of these. Some FSB selections seem to be reversed by 1 digit. EZ touch on-board power and reset switches.

Some items may have scuff marks or slight scratches but should otherwise be an operable product. Everything is well laid out and easily accessible. The NB heatsink uses the hook style mounts. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. DFI made a name for itself dfi infinity p965-s the enthusiast community by being one of the first motherboard manufacturers to recognize the market for a full range of bios settings “right out of the box” which beforehand were only available dfi infinity p965-s engineering samples, or modded bios’.


Note the passive cooling for both the NB and the Dfi infinity ps.

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