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Others work beatifully and they really love this monitor. It sounds like a decent price and since the dealer is local, you won’t have to worry about shipping costs back to him if it has problems later. User Name Remember Me? Can’t Connect to Network Printer. Jun 25, Posts:

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The CRT should work fine. FYI, I don’t think Dell does anything but rebadge the sony trinitrons.


This picture tube reduces the glare from the surrounding lighting and provides a straight line look from all angles. Wed Nov 20, 1: No idea how much it’s worth.

The max is in range of the G then. Not as sure about the NEC FE but the ones i’ve seen dell p1130 monitor seem monitr nice, didn’t spend much time with them and i’m not sure if they age well either.

Dell P 21″ monitor – Ars Technica OpenForum

Many electronic stuff made in Malaysia, but many of them were exported to another country. Kowan “Dell didn’t show the recommended resolution on their site, unless I mointor it? A high Value score will let people know that this hardware is dell p1130 monitor its cost.

I’m using a P right now Press return twice to start your list 1. Wed Nov 20, 1: So this is my only chance to get dell p1130 monitor 21″ monitor. Feb 3, Posts: I started to research monitors and saw several on e-bay. From the Dell manual: Aug 31, Posts: The same as my G 19″.

Dell P1130 Monitor Back

They don’t try to resell any returns as if they were new, so you can imagine how easy it is for a dell p1130 monitor to get into their DFO store. Nov 24, Posts: Sun Nov 24, 7: Check the connectors on your graphics card to see if it supports VGA.

I really like the screen size and picture quality of this monitor, but over all it is huuuuge. Fri Nov 22, 7: Some people complain about these, but most don’t. Most of the monitors are returned due to scratch, etc, or the computer that came with it had a problem and the entire thing was sent back.

With only a 1 month warranty, I would pass. If you are debating on what type of CRT monitor to dell p1130 monitor, you can easily place the Dell P on your top 3 list, especially since they tend to age well and have a strong combo dell p1130 monitor good graphics, text and decent geometry. Umm ok so it’s basically not x Oct 26, Posts: Seems like a nice monitor with an aperture grill pitch of 0. I cleaned it thinking this would remove them but it didn’t.

Wed Nov 20, 5: Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. It’s been quite solid.

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