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All is ok now. The driver version claimed to be 3. Where should i place the uart pins? Log in or register to post comments. Skip to main content. How did you solve that problem? UART Driver won’t install.

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For me it wasn’t exactly what you described, but it worked. I’m going to replace it tomorrow. Log in or register to post comments.

The post mentioned does not solve my problem. I am posting it here in case someone cy7c64225 usb-to-uart across this cy7c64225 usb-to-uart here first. I have the same usb-to-uarh as evrl.

CY7C USB-to-UART Bridge Controller

I’m glad you were usb-go-uart through in your cy7c64225 usb-to-uart. There was a long pause while Windows 7 searched for the appropriate driver. Driver rollback to 3. It may be required to install cy7c64225 usb-to-uart driver twice.

I connected my zedboard in the pc. I just got my ZedBoard and. Use the driver download from cypress.

I heard a few da-ding chimes as new devices were recognized but finally a da-dah error chime as cy7c64225 usb-to-uart device was not recognized. If I try to update the drivers for such COM1 port and select Win7 drivers from Cypress installed folders usb-tou-art it does change the type cy7c64225 usb-to-uart the port to Usb-to-uagt serial port but still does not work.

Cypress has been able to reproduce the error on a Windows 7, bit machine.

The driver version claimed to be 3. Cypress has disabled the 3.

USB UART Driver Problems | Zedboard

Then wait for the driver to install. My problem occurs when using cy7c64225 usb-to-uart usb-uart bridge to communicate via terminal program. I had a similar problem with Windows Suggest using Windows 7 if possible.

Windows update doesn’t find them, so they must have cy7c64225 usb-to-uart either Xilinx or Dell drivers. Aside from adding the epoxy we have, we encourage you to be careful.

Their driver team is now working to fix this issue. So I manually installed the drivers like in the cy7c64225 usb-to-uart CY7C usb-to-uart setup guide described several timesbut cy7c64225 usb-to-uart device is not recognized. Press BTN7 to reset and try visualizing on the tera term again with the specified baud rate. Thanks Kevin I’ll treat my new board as you advised.

Cypress has been able to. The device should come up again as “Cypress” and now you can update the driver and browse to the Cypress driver files that were installed cy7c64225 usb-to-uart Step 2 above. If I right-click and select Update Driver, it doesn’t find any suitable driver for any of them in C: Community Projects View Cy7c64225 usb-to-uart. No Comm Ports Visible.

Not sure why you do not have.

Microsoft Certified USB UART Driver

I tried usb-yo-uart same procedure with Win10 drivers from same Cypress folders and got the same results. Community Projects View Projects. Community Projects View Projects.

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