Care to take a shot at it? November 27, at Several Boss pedals will make the Muff slightly brighter even if the Boss pedals are off. Thank you for your response and observation on the fact that Bonamassa would probably look for a less compressed tone than DG. September 18, at 7:

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Looking forward to hearing this in my setup. The tube that is in there is a lower gain 12AX7, but it is quiet!

EJ use to use a TC Sustain in the old days. The Tube Driver has an aggressive character with a typically scooped mids tone, which will make the modulations sounds brighter and more focused.

Strat into a fender Twin Reverb. If so, is that a good model.

The sound holds its own against a Big Muff when cranked into full overdrive. I control the tone knob just to maintain some of that high bk butler tube works tube for transparency.

And why is the amp EQ not enough to compensate for the desired changes that will be achieved through something like a ge Try but that would be very loud.

On a side note — a great trick to get a warmer bk butler tube works tube slightly more saturated tone from the TD is to use a setting inspired by Eric Johnson with the bass and treble all the way down, level 3: Here are some alternate tubes for the 12AX7, with different tone and gain, for those who wanted to experiment… there are lots of choices. Great site this is.

BK Butler Pedals

Quite the opposite of what you describe. Audiodawg — what type of pickups are you using to drive your tube driver?

Advice would be much appreciated, cheers! It has long been reading your excellent website, very nice here. It tuhe not very versatile sounding through some amps, but exceptionally good with others.

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Teh best combo bk butler tube works tube be a loud and fairly clean tube amp with single coils. RSS topic feed Posts: Basically the same pedal. As I said the Blackstar is aggressive. It sounds OK but it lack some of the smoothness. The Tube Driver is pure overdrive with a scooped mids tone, loud as hell with much more balls. Large Beaver Triangle 4 Knob Version. Im sure you know what I mean. Butler reissue of the Tube Driver from A Big Muff might sound awesome on a 20w solid state amp but horrible on another.

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Just got a Laney Cub Stack, very much enjoying it. If bk has them he will sene them. Hey Bjorn, on the song you posted from your band great track by the wayare using the Tube Driver at the beginning at about 1: I agree re bkk 12AU7. It helps but you can get great tones with all kinds of stuff. My setup will bk butler tube works tube geared towards mostly home with a watt amp, and I realize that this may be an issue with a Tube Driver as it needs high volumes and bigger tube amps.

The Bk butler tube works tube needs a bit of volume from the amp to open up and get that smooth sustain.

At the moment I am using the following: How is the bypass signal of the Tube Driver?