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For example it gave me Stereo Mix as a source, which wasn’t showing on the original MS installation. Well, I know I have been little help so far, and I am surprised that there is no Acer specific driver for that machine. He was doing the audio thing before and that was so annoying that i wished it to die. Log in or Sign up. I even found a thread with someone with the same problem as me but his solution for sound didn’t work install package linux-backports-karmic Anyone help? Hi, Sorry i miss read your post, i had a look on the Acer website and for the running on windows 7 ultimate 64 it doesnt list an acer specific drive for the RealTek HD Audio.

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acer aspire 5520 sound Trying to reinstall drivers didn’t help eound all, then I took a look on my motherboard to check if something has burned there at the audio chip or not, everything was fine. If you reached the part with the missing sound, i think that your motherboard has already some ireverrsible heat damage. Recently sometimes my audio was disapearing after a computer restart, and had to RR PC a few times before it started, later on the sound disapeared completly.

DavidGPMay 20, No, create an account now. When the sound is not acer aspire 5520 sound “Sound, Video and Game Controllers” in Device manager is missing and i cant find the “Reltek HD Audio” device any where else in device manager.

I was actually suggesting that you get the Realtek souns from the Acer site, rather than the Realtek site.

I’m just wondering if the Acer aspire 5520 sound UAA HD Audio drivers are not installed correctly and may need re-installing, however for those with SP3 already installed they need a bit of fiddling with the registry azpire fool Windows into thinking it has SP2 installed, see below steps.

I’ve had problems in the past with older Acers where the unbodged by Acer drivers didn’t work quite right.

[SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Drivers on Acer Aspire 5520 Help

February 26th, 1. If I find a resolution I’ll post it here and let you know soni.

The time now is Anyway, i think acer aspire 5520 sound the driver to be the real problem, but acer aspire 5520 sound faulty hardware. However zound settings persisted through windows reinstall, aka the touch pad didn’t work until I pressed again that key combination and I have disabled my power button meaning, I can turn with it my laptop but I can’t switch it off with it even while holding. Do you already have an account?

Aspire Sound Problems | NotebookReview

DonkApr 29, Just noticed collinsl’s post and could well be, and acer aspire 5520 sound that vain, I would as that PC came originally with Vista, would re-install Vista and see if sound works. I believe that if the entry disappears from device manager, it’s more likely to be the chipset part that has misbehaved, but what to do acer aspire 5520 sound this is anybody’s or someone more clued up than me’s guess.

I have read lots of threads about several issues, however nothing really have helped so far. Finally he managed to do so. After add hardware wizard my Device manager looks like this http: Discussion in ‘ Acer ‘ started by DonkApr 26, It’s got the latest Win 7 x64 drivers from RelTek Any ideas?

[SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Drivers on Acer Aspire Help – Tech Support Forum

Nope, ive acer aspire 5520 sound the latest drive from the Realtek website, and installed it. DonkApr 27, 55520 click the “Standard” tab in the window that opens. UUA BUS thingy doesn’t show up in device manager, it’s a system device isn’t it possible to install it somehow so it does show, or I am talking nonsense here?

There are more than 15 RIPs in there. Discussion in ‘ Software ‘ started by flyby99May 19, Acer Aspire vs acer spin dollyrockerx3Apr 23,in forum: The Realtek half and the half that is part of the motherboard chipset.

acer aspire 5520 sound

Acer Aspire 5520 laptop sound card drivers

DonkApr 26, I have a Realtek High Definition sound card which is strange because Acer aspire 5520 sound have been told that realtek cards should work on Ubuntu out of sounx box! What Notebook Should I Buy? The two halves communicate by a serial data link.

Danishblunt May 13,

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